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Paul Whittaker - Potter, Surfer, Francli Ambassador. 1st April 2014.
Chris from Head & Haft, whilst filming for an upcoming video project with Francli. 
Ali from Francli Craftwear. We’ve been filming for their brand video to coincide with the release of their online store the last few days, along with some photographs for other promotional purposes. It’s been hilarious, you gotta check them out.
The Guardian. Sidi Ifni, Morocco.
The Moroccan landscape is epic. This spot sits on the edge of the harbour just south of Sidi Ifni, and on this day the right hander was breaking double overhead off the point. Mohamed just walked circles around it. 
Storm Round II. This road sits 40-50ft above sea level, and this spray is still twice the height of the house.
Dom makes his way back across the icy dessert that Gwithian was this morning after our session filming him kitesurf.
In the midst of building my new website, I’m looking through my archives. Here’s one from a shoot I did for a children’s book by author Alix Wood.