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I’m shooting some product shots on Thursday for Francli, so I setup a mini studio on my desk to test it out. My clock did the honours of standing in for the products. 
My new lens, an old Russian number. She’s a beauty.
Frozen at the Dash back to the board.
WeSUP Ultimate Paddler event at Carbis Bay in Cornwall. I photographed this crazy hardcore day both in and out of the water and had a lot of fun!
Paul Whittaker - Potter, Surfer, Francli Ambassador. 1st April 2014.
Chris from Head & Haft, whilst filming for an upcoming video project with Francli. 
Ali from Francli Craftwear. We’ve been filming for their brand video to coincide with the release of their online store the last few days, along with some photographs for other promotional purposes. It’s been hilarious, you gotta check them out.
The Guardian. Sidi Ifni, Morocco.